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Dominate BigCommerce One Page Checkout Extension

  • Cloud-based BigCommerce checkout page
  • Responsive Checkout-page design.
  • Customize Your Entire Checkout Page.
  • Give Your Customers a Seamless Checkout Experience.
  • Turn It Off with Just One Click.
  • Enhanced with PayPal Commerce Platform.
  • 100% Free to Install and Use.
  • Integrated with, Braintree and PayPal Commerce
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Bigcommerce Optimized Checkout Extension
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Our One-Page Extension Works with PayPal

We designed this BigCommerce Checkout Extension to work with PayPal Commerce Platform so your site can accept payments from over 280 million PayPal customers in more than 100 different currencies across 200 markets. You’ll also enjoy the full benefit of PayPal’s Fraud Protection and unparalleled control. With PayPal Commerce Platform, you can accept credit cards, debit cards, and a wide variety of other payment methods depending on your customer’s region.

Make it easier than ever for your site’s visitors to become customers with our BigCommerce One Page Checkout Extension.

PayPal Commerce Platform Extension for BigCommerce
Multi-step and One-step Extension for BigCommerce


Boost Your Sales with a Frictionless Single Step Checkout Page

Multi-Step layout
One-Step layout
Multi-step Checkout page layoutOne-step checkout page layout

Increase your BigCommerce site’s conversion rate with a modern solution that drops the number of steps required for customers to check out. Reduce it to a single responsive page and your customers will reach the buy button faster than ever.

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No difficult steps. No long wait times. We made it as easy as possible to install and start using our Checkout Extension so you can get right back to running your business. To install this extension in your BigCommerce store, just:

1. Install the Dominate One Page Checkout Add-on: Install the Dominate Checkout Connector from the BigCommerce Marketplace on as many platforms and stores as you want. You’ll still be able to manage them from one place and for free!

2. Set Up and Configure Your Dominate One Page Checkout Account: Create, configure, and customize your BigCommerce Checkout Pages with just a few simple clicks!

3. Set Up a PayPal Commerce Platform Account in Seconds: Set up a PayPal Commerce Platform account with our new onboarding process. Once again, it only takes a few clicks.

4. Enable Dominate One Page Checkout on Your BigCommerce Store: Activate our One-Page Checkout extension and immediately enhance your BigCommerce store’s customer experience.

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5 Reasons to love the Dominate Checkout

You can’t literally afford to leave your checkout page to chance. Instead of using BigCommerce's default option or entrusting this important final step to some bargain-bin extension, join the thousands of other companies that use our Checkout Suite for the following five reasons. a company from IWD Agency
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