BigCommerce Recurring Payment and Subscription Plugin

Our recurring payment plugin for BigCommerce makes it as easy as possible to accept and manage subscription billing from your eCommerce website. You can install it in just minutes and start growing a new revenue stream ASAP.

Best of all, this plugin is 100% free! You don’t even pay transaction fees!
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A Recurring Payment Plugin That’s Based in the Cloud

As our BigCommerce subscription plugin is based entirely in the cloud, your company will gain all the benefits of recurring billing without needing a budget that can cover all the costs that normally come with ongoing support, maintenance, and development.

Instead, we take care of all of that for you.

That includes implementing any updates.

After you’ve installed the plugin, just sit back, relax, and watch as new reoccurring revenue comes rolling in from all of your subscribers.

A Subscription Plugin That Works with PayPal Commerce

As PayPal Commerce is the latest and most innovative of the company’s numerous eCommerce solutions, we placed it at the center of our BigCommerce subscription plugin. Effortlessly manage all of your eCommerce store’s subscriptions from the dashboard you currently use for the rest of your BigCommerce site’s PayPal account.

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Select the Subscription Model That’s Best for Your BigCommerce Site

With our BigCommerce subscription payment plugin, pick one of the following pricing plans – whatever works best for your business:

Fixed pricing
plans charge subscribers a fixed price at a fixed frequency.

Quantity pricing
plans charge subscribers based on how many goods or services signed up for.

Volume pricing
plans charge subscribers based on the price per unit for the total number of products in their plan within a specified range.

Tiered pricing
plans charge subscribers based on the number of product units within a specific tier.

Choose a Billing Cycle That Works Best for Your BigCommerce Store

Decide what your BigCommerce store’s recurring billing cycle will be for the kind of subscription plan you know is best for your customers.

Choose to charge your customers one of the following four ways:
- Daily
- Weekly        
- Monthly        
- Annually

Have something else in mind? Our BigCommerce plugin will let you customize your store’s billing cycle for biweekly, quarterly, and other options.

You can even modify the length of your store’s billing cycle to make it ongoing or have it end automatically at a predetermined time.

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Change Your BigCommerce Store’s Subscription Plan Whenever You Want

We’ve been building BigCommerce plugins for years now, so we appreciate that every company is unique. That’s why we designed this BigCommerce subscription billing plugin to be totally customizable. In fact, you can even modify your billing cycle after customers sign up for your subscription service.

Stop and Start Subscriptions on Your BigCommerce Site at Any Time

Upgrade and Downgrade Customers’ Subscription Levels Whenever You Want

Schedule Your Subscription Cycles to Begin at Future Dates

Usually, subscription billing cycles begin right when a customer signs up.

But there are times when this setup isn’t ideal. For example, you may have a current customer who wants to sign up for a promotion your company is offering even though their subscription – and its new price – won’t start until a future date.

In a situation like this, you can charge customers for any setup fees associated with their new subscription, even though regular billing won’t start until later on.

Trial Periods and Setup Fees

Payment Failures and Recovering Balances

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The Easiest Way to Drive New Profits with Subscription Plans

Whether you want a recurring payment BigCommerce plugin for your company’s store or for those of your merchants (we have options for every eCommerce platform), this solution will give your customers a totally seamless experience. And installation could not be any easier. You don’t have to add any extra code or reconfigure other parts of your current site. Just paste a simple JavaScript snippet onto your BigCommerce site wherever you want your subscription button to be.

At Dominate, we’re proud to create powerful eCommerce plugins that are as easy to install and use as they are extremely profitable. So, if you have a BigCommerce store, this plugin is the easiest way to create new revenue ASAP by offering your current products or services on a subscription basis.

A Subscription Plugin That Works Seamlessly with BigCommerce – and Other Platforms

Does your company run eCommerce stores on platforms other than BigCommerce? That’s not a problem with our BigCommerce subscription plugin because we designed it to work all the other major eCommerce platforms:
·         WooCommerce
·         Shopify
·         Magento

This plugin can even work with eCommerce sites that were built from scratch.

Whatever the case, our recurring subscription plugin will record all of your subscribers’ orders and relevant data, so you provide the products they want and make the most of each and every subscription you secure.

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