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Dominate WooCommerce One Page Checkout

  • Cloud-based WooCommerce Checkout-page
  • Responsive One Page & Multi-Step Checkout design
  • Choose One Page or Multi-Step per device screen size
  • Achieve a higher conversion rate than with WooCommerce checkout
  • Can be turned off with just a single click
  • Supports PayPal Smart buttons for Venmo, PayPal Credit, and other payment methods
  • Free Installation
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WooCommerce Optimized Checkout Extension
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Connect to Over 120 Payment
Gateways from Across the Globe

Don’t let your WooCommerce store’s conversion rate drop because you’re limited to just one payment gateway. With the Dominate Checkout Suite, you can access more than 120 different payment gateways from all over the world.

It only takes a few minutes to set them up and start accepting payments from all over the world. And, most importantly, by taking advantage of these powerful features, you’ll improve conversion rates and profitability dramatically – without spending a dime.

120 Payment Gateways Extension for WooCommerce
Multi-step and One-step Extension for WooCommerce


Increase Your WooCommerce Site’s Conversion Rate

Multi-Step layout
One-Step layout
Multi-step Checkout page layoutOne-step checkout page layout

Increase your WooCommerce site’s conversion rate with a simple solution that reduces the number of steps your customers have to take in order to complete their checkouts. Our WooCommerce One Page Checkout Plugin only requires customers to complete one step. It’s even proven to increase your conversion rates compared to the default WooCommerce checkout design.


Our One-Page Extension Works with PayPal

With PayPal Commerce Platform, you can accept payments from 286 million PayPal customers in over 100 currencies and across 200 markets. Plus, you get the benefit of advanced Fraud Protection and unprecedented control. PayPal Commerce Platform accepts a variety of payment options, from Credit Card and Debit Card Payments to alternative payment methods that vary by customer region.

Our WooCommerce One Step Checkout Extension will take your store to the next level. Make it easier for visitors to become customers.

PayPal Commerce Platform Extension for WooCommerce

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A WooCommerce Extension That Installs in Minutes

We know how busy you are, which is why we’ve made it as easy as possible to set up our powerful One Page Checkout extension. All you have to do to set it up in your WooCommerce store is:

1. Download the Dominate One Page Checkout Connector: Install the Dominate Checkout Connector on as many platforms and stores as you want. You’ll still be able to manage them from one place and for free!

2. Set Up and Configure Your Dominate One Page Checkout Account: Create, configure, and customize your WooCommerce Checkout Pages with just a few simple clicks!

3. Set Up a PayPal Commerce Platform Account in Seconds: Set up a PayPal Commerce Platform account with our new onboarding process. Once again, it only takes a few clicks.

4. Enable Dominate One Page Checkout on Your WooCommerce Store: Activate our One-Page Checkout extension and immediately enhance your WooCommerce store’s customer experience.

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5 Reasons to love the Dominate Checkout

You can’t literally afford to leave your checkout page to chance. Instead of using WooCommerce's default option or entrusting this important final step to some bargain-bin extension, join the thousands of other companies that use our Checkout Suite for the following five reasons. a company from IWD Agency
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