Does the Dominate Checkout Page can be customized?
Yes, the Dominate Checkout can be customized in a limited way, and allows you to modify the color, and font the Checkout page is going to have. We are actively working on allowing you to upload your own CSS file. Stay tuned!

Where can I find the API Key and API Secret?
To locate your API Key and Secret please read the following guide we have created for you.

In which folder should I install the Magento Checkout files?
Please install the Checkout files in the following directory: path_to_the_store_root_folder/app/code/IWD/CheckoutConnector

Does the Dominate Checkout allow me to track my conversion funnel?
Yes, the Dominate Checkout page comes already with predefined events that makes it easier for you to measure your checkout page. Just add your Google Analytics Tracking code to start measuring your conversion funnel.

Does the Dominate Checkout come with an Address Validation feature?
The Dominate Checkout comes with an Address Autocomplete feature built with Google Maps that will help to prevent your customers from submitting an incorrect address. However, the Dominate Checkout does not validate each submitted address individually.

Does the Dominate Checkout support Google Pay or Apple Pay?
Yes, we support both payment options, please send us an email so we can help you to configure both payment options.

Why can't I see all the 120 payment gateways in my Dominate account?
By default, all the new born Dominate accounts only have the most used payment gateways available. If you're looking to use other supported payment gateways, send us a message, and we will enable this option for you. The process is free!

Does the Dominate Checkout have a Sandbox environment?
Yes, Dominate One Page Checkout allows you to configure any Payment Gateway credentials for testing. 
Read how to enable sandbox mode here. 

Does the Dominate Checkout work with other third-party tools?
Dominate Checkout does not allow third-party tools to render content on the Checkout Page. However, it does work with some well known extensions like Shipping Methods Restriction tools, IWD Order Manager, IWD Request a Quote, Mailchimp, among others.

Does the Dominate Checkout support subscriptions & split payments?
Our Checkout  does not support Subscriptions or Split Payments at this time, but that will change soon. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Which Payment Gateways does your Dominate Checkout support?
Dominate Checkout supports the PayPal Commerce Platform, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, PayPal Credit, PayPal Pay Later, and more than 120 Payment Gateways worldwide. At the One Step Checkout page, you can allow customers pay with: 

Which Shipping Methods and Carriers are available?
Our Dominate Checkout uses your platform's shipping methods/carriers and configurations. If a specific carrier or shipping method is available on your end, it will show up on the Dominate Checkout Page.

Can I customize a different workflow for my Checkout Page?
No. Our Dominate Checkout is a cloud-based solution that is designed to achieve default checkout workflows. However, if you are looking for some specific scenarios, please feel free to contact us.

Will you store information from my eCommerce site?
Dominate Checkout only stores information related to the orders that are processed on the Dominate platform for analytic purposes. This allows us to provide you with logs and detailed data about what’s occurring on your checkout page.

Does the Dominate Checkout support free products or digital goods?
Yes and yes. Dominate Checkout is fully capable of allowing you to bypass the Billing or Shipping information on the Checkout process for the digital items and free items in your store.

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