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Accept Bitcoin on Your Checkout Page 

Bitcoin wasn’t just the first cryptocurrency. After more than a decade, it’s still the most popular one despite countless competitors that have launched over the years.

That’s why more and more companies like Starbucks, Amazon, and AT&T all accept Bitcoin on their sites.

It’s also why so many business owners are turning to dominate.

If you want to start accepting Bitcoin right away, install Dominate – for free – and enjoy the increased revenue that will come from supporting this popular payment option.

Easy Installation So You Can Accept Bitcoin ASAP

We designed Dominate to be as easy as possible to install on any eCommerce website – no matter what platform you use:

• Adobe Commerce/Magento

• WooCommerce

• BigCommerce

Or even if your website was built from scratch!

So, even if you have no prior experience with Bitcoin, you can start accepting it on your website ASAP.

And because Dominate supports the Bitcoin Lightning Network, you can always upgrade your checkout page to process these transactions even faster.

Customer Support for Your Entire Checkout Page

After installation, we take care of the rest. Dominate completely operates on the cloud, so our team handles maintenance, updates, and ongoing improvements.

And if you ever have any questions about your checkout page or how it works to accept Bitcoin, our customer service team is always here to help.

Securing Your Bitcoin Transactions

Your Bitcoin transactions are in good hands when you use Dominate.

Our checkout solution is one of the safest on the market and meets the highest standards for modern web security. It’s PCI compliant, uses 3-D Secure, and tokenizes your customers’ payments to ensure their Bitcoin transactions are 100% safe.

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