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Add the Bitcoin Lightning Network to Your Checkout Page

The Bitcoin Lightning Network makes accepting Bitcoin easier, faster, and cheaper than ever before.

Instead of waiting minutes for a payment confirmation like with normal Bitcoin transactions, the Lightning Network makes Bitcoin payments instantaneous – yet completely secure.

AND the Lightning Network doesn’t charge the pricey transaction fees that your customers hate.

What Is the Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network is a second-layer solution for the Bitcoin blockchain that’s designed to scale so it can skyrocket the speed of Bitcoin transactions while dropping their costs.

It creates a network of payment channels between users so that they can easily send and receive Bitcoin without having to wait for the Bitcoin blockchain to confirm these transactions - which usually takes at least a few minutes (an eternity in eCommerce terms).

This is why more and more companies have continued to adopt the Lightning Network since its debut in 2018.

5 Reasons You’ll Love the Lightning Network

Need a better way to handle Bitcoin transactions?

Here are 5 reasons to choose the Lightning Network.

1. Did We Mention It’s Lightning Fast?

Bitcoin has a lot going for it, but one thing it’s not is convenient.

Typically, it takes at least a few minutes for a Bitcoin transaction to go through. 

No one wants to wait that long anymore.

Not you. Not your customers.

With the Bitcoin Lightning Network, transactions take just a few seconds.

2. (Almost) No Fees

Bitcoin transactions can easily cost your customers a few dollars. 

Depending on what you sell, that might be a lot of money or a little.

Either way, it’s unnecessary. 

Don’t lose sales because Bitcoin transactions come with additional fees. 

Using the Lightning Network will cost your customers just a fraction of a cent.

That’s it! 

3. Completely Secure

Security is of the utmost importance when accepting eCommerce payments.

The Lightning Network offers all the same security measures that have made the blockchain famous. So, making more money doesn’t mean taking on more risk.

4. SUPER Scalable

Just like Dominate, the Lightning Network works with businesses of any size.

Whether you need to process hundreds of transactions an hour or hundreds of thousands of transactions every second, the Lightning Network will have no problem keeping pace.

5. No Purchase Is Too Small

Speaking of size, the Lightning Network can facilitate transactions as small as a single cent - or even smaller!

No matter what you sell, the Bitcoin Lightning Network is worth adding to your checkout page.

5. Works with Any eCommerce Platform

Dominate's checkout page integration with the Bitcoin Lightning Network works for every major eCommerce platform, including:

• Adobe Commerce/Magento

• WooCommerce

• BigCommerce

It will even work with eCommerce websites built from scratch.

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